‘Customer Experience’ (CX) is the measure of a customer’s opinion and sentiment towards your brand and the value it provides based on the customer’s entire journey, from first to current touchpoint.

So, how exactly does this translate to business success?

Again and again, people naturally gravitate towards brands that make them feel good; no matter where they are situated in their own unique purchase (or repurchase) journey.

When customers are openly appreciated and rewarded with exceptional end-to-end experiences, the benefits (mainly, overall profitability) are undeniable — repeat buyers are the lifeblood of many thriving businesses.

Here are 3 core building blocks you can lay down for heightened customer experiences. When meaningfully implemented, they shape the lasting foundations of retained custom.


Written by ravichahar
2079 days ago

Hey Erik,

No doubt that people like to buy the product again with the same company which provides the best customer support.

Glad to read.

Written by pvariel
2081 days ago

Yet another great share from Erik.

Thanks Sam for the well-designed write-up.

Customer experience is a key point to note, and if it's a lovely experience I am sure the customer will bring back to you again.

The Thank you, part is yet another important point to note and practice. We can express it in many ways, Recently I published a post on this subject on my page, under the title How to express our gratitude...

Indeed this post shout out many things to look into.

Thanks for sharing.

Keep sharing.


~ Phil

Written by Sam-Hurley
2081 days ago

Thanks a ton, Philip! :o)

You my friend, know the power of gratitude most! That is why you are successful as a blogger...

Thanks for being a pro!

I'm glad you enjoyed the layout of the piece — the hard work is always worth it! :D

Speak to you soon,


Written by Sam-Hurley
2081 days ago

Thanks for sharing this one here, Erik! :o)

Great experiences are the key to loyalty, through and through!

A solid strategy ensures it's not just left to chance!


Written by erikemanuelli
2080 days ago

Positive customer experience means satisfaction. And word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing!

Thanks for the post, Sam.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!