4 Tips to Keep Customers Coming Back

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Repeat customers should be a huge focus for any business. If you don't keep customers coming back and work to retain your current customers happy, you will always be searching for new business, a costly and time consuming procedure that, in the long run, makes it tougher to grow. What's the solution? Here are four simple tips from Antoine Martiano that will hopefully keep your customers coming back for more.


Written by kingofcontent92
2817 days ago

That’s what you call “the people’s person”, a business man must have this.

Written by AngelBiz
2819 days ago

Antoine - You have made excellent points on customer retention. I particularly like the the first one - keep your promises. it sounds so simple, yet difficult to achieve for many businesses. Businesses make implicit promises to their customer all the time without even realizing. When they are broken that's when they get in trouble. My advice to business owners is - Under promise and over deliver.

Written by tiroberts
2819 days ago

Great piece, Antoine. Heather, thanks for sharing his work with us. I totally agree with what you've said. The best way to build up customer loyalty is to always be 100% honest with them and give more to show your appreciation. This formula has worked wonders for me in my business and I can tell that my customers appreciate it. Thanks for giving your insight on this topic.


Written by BizRock
2819 days ago

To keep customers coming back you must listening to them, understanding their points of view, and then doing more business with them.Great article!

Written by ShawnHessinger
2819 days ago

Hi Antoine,

Was happy to find your post shared on BizSugar. I think many entrepreneurs don't get the giving thing and how important it is in the customer relationship. This doesn't mean giving everything away for free, but it does mean looking for ways to always give a little extra value. Customers always remember this and it sets you apart, even from the guy who's charging a little less for a similar service.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
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Share your small business tips with the community!