7 Customer Support Hacks to Boost Retention Rates

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This is the fine art of retention — and the Pareto Principle states that 80% of business comes from only 20% of customers.

It’s an important concept to grasp!

Along with stats that suggest it costs to 7x more to gain a new customer than keeping a current one, maximizing your retention rate should be at the very top of your business strategy.

Gaining new customers is hard work. Keep those you have happy.

You may also find that as an indirect result, you actually continue to acquire fresh business purely through word of mouth (WoM) marketing.

People talk.

Here Sam Hurley shows you 7 super-simple, actionable hacks to increase your customer loyalty — solely by enhancing your customer service / support approach.


Written by tiroberts
408 days ago

Awesome customer support tips. :)

Written by ravichahar
413 days ago

Hey Erik,

The customer support is more important to retain them. People need a happy face.


Written by Sam-Hurley
413 days ago

Thanks Ravi!

Everybody loves to be happy; brands need to aim to achieve this feeling in their customers each day. Every single customer should be nothing less than delighted! :o)

Written by erikemanuelli
413 days ago

Customers love to feel "special", Ravi.

Written by Sam-Hurley
413 days ago

Thanks a bunch for sharing this one, Erik! :-D

What was your favourite customer support hack?

Speak soon!

Sam :-))))

Written by erikemanuelli
413 days ago

Thank you for writing this interesting post, Sam.

I love Hack #2: "Apply Emotion-Driven Signatures".

For a simple reason. :)

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