Customer Service IS Your Business

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Learn why customer service is the real product lab for your business and why what most customers aren't saying desperately needs to be heard from the less than 1% who do.


Written by sheena.willspheen
4352 days ago

After all of this, we must really learn the virtue of patience and believe that we can solve everything with proper and good communication.

Written by Marcana
4406 days ago

Thanks to all for the comments here. I hope to hear more from each of you on future articles. Feel free to add this BizSugar profile as a friend and share your stuff with us, as well. :)

Written by CIKMarketing
4421 days ago

Good article Mark. Dealing with an upset client, especially when they are wrong, is a difficult situation. Often you have to bite the bullet to make it right, even when it costs you time and money. Word of mouth is still such a huge factor that one angry client will likely cost you more than what you sacrificed to make them happy.

Written by vily
4422 days ago

agree with it

Written by vily
4422 days ago

i green with it

Written by ajayjoya
4423 days ago

if you providing good customer service, then surely your business will grow.


Written by Entrepreneurosaurus
4424 days ago

An angry customer can bring out the primordial monster in the best of us, but it's important to be more evolved and see it from the customer's point of view.

Written by Marcana
4425 days ago

Yup, and that's my point. We've all been the customer on the purchasing side of the counter in that situation, even if we were wrong, we still wanted to be heard and respected and perhaps even commiserated with, after all, we're putting money down on the table. It makes no sense not to learn as much about the mishap as possible and chalk it up to lessons learned (and hopefully mastered).

Written by Small Business Manifesto
4425 days ago

Wow. Dude, we've all been there. Thanks, Mark.

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