Mobile Marketing Isn't Just For Apple Devices

Mobile Marketing Isn\'t Just For Apple Devices  - Avatar Posted by KEXINO under Direct Marketing
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There's a strong chance that you're targeting an audience who uses a mobile device that’s different from the one you personally own. You owe it to them to (at least) be familiar with that device.


Written by KEXINO
2488 days ago

Hi Heather,

I think the first consideration is to understand the differences in the way content is presented on mobile compared to desktop. From a website perspective that means having a site that Google deems to be 'mobile-friendly' (note that not all commercial website themes or templates that boast being 'mobile-friendly' pass Google's tests). I've listed some information on Google's view on mobile at

Prospective customers on mobile are often looking for local business information, so registering your small business with Google My Business ( and setting-up the right metadata on your site will increase the chances that you'll be easily found in the search results listings. Taking that to the next stage, businesses need to be sure that all their local profiles - Yelp!, Google+, Foursquare, Bing, etc.—are optimized for local too.

Apart from the usual PPC offerings from Google and Facebook, there are interesting mobile-centric marketing options using channels such as SMS text messaging, Instagram, SnapChat, or even iBeacons. As with any business, the exact multifaceted marketing mix will depend on customer profiles, your business, and your budget.



Written by HeatherStone
2488 days ago

Hi Gee,

A great overview. Clearly the move to mobile is a huge shift. Ad since our consumers and audience are already doing it, we can either take part or be left behind. But many small business owners are doubtless overwhelmed by the prospect. So the question is, what steps should small business owners take first to become involved.

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