21 Definitions Of Culture In One Word

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How would you describe culture in one word? Here are some great definitions of culture taken from Cross-Cultural Twitter Interviews of cross-cultural and international people on Twitter


Written by Holiday
5008 days ago

Culture is a heritage of every nation. This is the shortest definition.

Written by lyceum
5026 days ago


Thanks for including my 1-word definition of culture. I am a fan of the American sense-of-life. It has been developed through the history from ancient Greece and then the renaissance in Italy. It is important that we support the new rational intellectuals in the United States of America, otherwise the culture could go in the wrong direction. I recommend you to read Dr. Leonard Peikoff’s book, The Ominous Parallels: A Brilliant Study of America Today – and the ‘ominous parallels’ with the chaos of pre-Hitler Germany.

Have you seen the HBO miniseries, John Adams?

Best Premises,


Written by ShawnHessinger
5026 days ago

Another great look at the idea of culture, Cindy. It leaves me wondering, with so many definitions and ideas about its meaning, what the true boundaries of culture are. We speak, of course, about national, ethnic, religious and linguistic boundaries. But what about the boundaries created by ideals, loyalties, passions and, yes, even brands and products. Does a Starbucks culture, for example, have a set of ideals that unify people even across other cultural boundaries? Does a youth culture have as much validity and unifying power as the larger culture of which it is a part? And in the cases where one member might be part of several cultures at once, which have the strongest impact on the decisions they make and the messages they will listen to?

Written by CindyKing
5016 days ago

Hi Shawn, there's lots of great questions here. This could lead to hours of discussions :) There are a couple of points I'd like to bounce back on though.

No Starbucks does not have the same culture in other countries. Too many reasons for this. But I'd only really want to go to Starbucks in the US - not really worth it elsewhere, even if the coffee's the same etc.

Also, when people accumulate a culture or two, they end up morphing into a different culture. Hence the "third culture kid" phenomenon. I think this is how all of our cultures evolve in the end. Which culture dominates? Well, I thinkg things become very complex here, lots of other environmental and personal factors come into play.

When I first came to France the snobbish French attitude about culture used to get me riled up. Many French people think they are the only cultured humans beings on the globe. And when you combine that with the common contempt of the juvenile American culture, it can really come across very badly.

Now, it's easy for me to see their handicap of not digging deeper into what culture is. The more you know about yourself the better you'll get along with others.

Generalizations are never good, but this is extremely common here in France, specially amongst the older generations.

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