6 Ways to Make Your Product Stand Out in a Crowded Market

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Do you think you have an utterly unique product? Here’s the truth; you probably don't, and that’s not a bad thing. Some of today's most successful products aren’t all that new, original, or unique. True, you need to be innovative and flexible to succeed, but you don't have to reinvent the wheel.

The classic example is Google. Larry and Sergey didn’t invent the search engine, yet the one they came up with is generating billions of dollars in profits.

This is because it differentiated itself from a sea of other search engine competitors over the years. It did this not so much through its capabilities ... but by how it was presented. This is the type of approach you have to take in marketing your brand in order to stand out. So, if you want to truly differentiate yourself in a crowded market, here are six tips to help.


Written by namaserajesh
2432 days ago

Relationship with other people is a crucial thing. I was using HootSuite to schedule my posts on social sites. Now will use it more effectively to talk with the real people.

Thanks for sharing an useful article. Have a nice weekend.

Written by lyceum
2562 days ago

Erik: Good to hear!

Best premises,


Written by pvariel
2562 days ago

Hi Erik,

Thanks for sharing John's epic post here for the readers here.

Yes, it is a bit difficult task to achieve a stand out position in the crowed market.

The tips you suggested in this post will surely make it to reach that position if one follows strictly.

Being human and building a solid relationship is the most solid thing to do as a basic thing. The way in which you presented the tips with the relevant links are indeed educative. Especially the classic example of Google’s Larry and Sergey is indeed a suitable example of this. Indeed, you pointed out the very suitable example!! Spreading the news about our resources is another vital point, unless and until we tell how others will know, and of course, we need to keep aside our shyness in this regard. What other say about such propaganda is a secondary thing, the main is to reach out to the real people

You well said all the aspects needed, thanks john for sharing these valuable lessons with lot of connected relevant links.

Keep sharing


~ Philip

Written by lyceum
2563 days ago

Erik: John Boitnott has a compiled a great list on how to stand out from the crowd. Do you have a favorite way?

Written by erikemanuelli
2562 days ago

I should say "focus on relationships", Martin :)

Written by Amitkr404
2563 days ago

I would say that "Focusing on the Relationships with customer or audience" is one of the most important thing from all these top 6 ways to Make the Product Stand Out in a Crowded Market or in huge competition.

Because, no doubt connecting and communicating regularly with the audience helps us to understand their demand and point of view about the particular product. I am going to follow the rest five suggestions too. Thanks for this helpful guide !!

Written by dannish247
2563 days ago

Hi Erik,

Thanks for sharing this great post.

Relationship building is very important in business, the more we know and genuinely help our audience, the more likely it is they'd buy from us.

It's a principle, Give and you will Receive.

So the more we give, the more we'd receive.

The question, therefore, is, How much resource have you given today? Who have you helped? What is your vacuum analysis?; that is, if you were out of the blogging/business scene today, would people thoroughly miss you?

That's a food for thought

Cheers bro

Written by nikhilganotra
2564 days ago


Great tips, Erik!

I am a regular reader of inc.com and this post is one of the most informative posts I have ever read.

To sell a product, a brand should not act like a machine and just keep focusing on money. It will only make money when it builds relationship.

I am working with MyThemeShop since when it started and today it is having 2,53,000 users even more than studiopress. It's just because it builded relationships and helped users in every way possible.

Great post. I agree with each and every point.

Thanks for sharing! :)

Written by nirmalablog
2564 days ago

Standing out from the crowd is an art. We need to work on a lot of smart strategies to understand the customer needs, engage with them and personalize our product/service for them to get more sales/conversion.

I like all the six points discussed in the article, specifically the last two points. I agree that the constant reading gives innovative ideas to implement and yes, it would be good to work on our strengths to improve.

I would say that we need to do many experiments in understanding the needs of the customers and do customize our business for them. Then, it will be easy to stand unique and yield more profit.

This is the great piece of content that includes a lot of helpful tools, thanks for sharing Erik, have a good day.

Written by JamesMcAllister
2564 days ago

I really think points 1-4 all sort of revolve around the 'being human' idea. Online it's really easy to forget that there is a real person or group of people behind every business, and this is only becoming more and more true as more companies begin to do business online.

I can't help but think back to a family store that used to be in my hometown around 10 years ago. Their prices weren't great but people loved shopping there because the owners were great at connecting with the customers and knew most people by name. Shopping there was an enjoyable experience and that's why they had so many repeat customers.

Written by hacknovations
2564 days ago

Interesting and worth reading content.

The best way you can earn money online is by selling your own products, however it is not easy to create a market and audience.

After reading these tips, it might be a bit easier to create audience to sell products.

Thanks for sharing.

Written by atishranjan
2565 days ago

Hello Erik,

Thanks for sharing this awesome blog post here. Relationships, and reading to research the market are important if you want to make your products and services stand out of the crowd.

Showing off can work great for quick sales, as I have been seeing this closely as many are already implementing this strategy.

Thanks for the post.

Written by enstine
2565 days ago

Hey Erik, thanks for sharing this post by John

He's brought out quite actionable points and I think his point 2, focusing on relationships is what I can emphasize on.

My friends and community members have been a quick boost to my new products. They will quickly take the word out and before you know it, your new product is being talked about here and there ;)

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