The Cure: Friday Customers Are In Love With Your Business

The Cure: Friday Customers Are In Love With Your Business - Avatar Posted by erikemanuelli under Global
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Developing relationships is a huge part of nurturing a successful business. In the past, interacting with people in-store was the big money spinner because bricks and mortar made money. Now, we are in the age of digital automation as the internet takes over.

Considering customer service has never been as vital, the stats show that businesses aren’t picking up the slack. In 2012, only 37% of brands got a “good” or “excellent” score. Even worse, 90% of consumers shopped elsewhere as a result of a “bad” or “terrible” experience. The numbers suggest that your business could be part of the majority, losing customers, sales and profits in the process.

To show them you care, it’s essential to...


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