Are Big Companies Better Innovators Than Small Ones?

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Ten or 15 years ago, small companies were seen as innovators and big companies were moving slowly to catch up. But time has altered the picture. Today, big companies are becoming more nimble like entrepreneurial firms.


Written by Adam_Gottlieb
4504 days ago

Great post, but I think this question is like comparing apples to oranges... *Both* kinds of businesses- the big ones and the small ones- can excel at innovation, but the approach taken is usually extremely different. The majority of big businesses innovate through the dedication of an enormous amount of resources. They've also learned a thing or two from the smaller companies as was mentioned in the post..

The real advantage of the small business is that it's owners and employees tend to be more passionate, more dedicated, and much more personally connected to its operation and it's success or failure. In small businesses, people are more likely to express themselves and make the kinds of decisions that can get stifled or unrecognized in a bigger company.

Written by HeatherStone
4505 days ago

I'm not convinced any kind of business, big or small, has cornered the market on innovation. Certainly though, the ability to innovate can be hugely important for small business survival. I think it's critical to set up any business with innovation in mind.

Written by DreamIdeaUK
4514 days ago

Great question to ask but fear difficult question to definitively answer! By sheer numbers alone, larger companies will pour more resources and manpower into R&D to find that next BIG thing, but SME's very existence will depend on it. Hard to call. Ultimately it depends on the team & brains you have around you. As well as certain 'outside' factors, not within your sphere of influence... economic climates and trends!

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