The Dirty Truth About Working from Home

The Dirty Truth About Working from Home - Avatar Posted by amabaie under Management
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Not everyone is cut out to work from home. Successful virtual workers are a strange breed of self-driven, organized, cost-conscious, and sometimes hermit-like people.


Written by Patricia Worth
4102 days ago

Wow, some points to ponder here. But freedom is sweet. I personally LOVE having ditched the politics. Can't say much about 5'o clock shadow though. Not even on my legs! Lol!

Written by businessavante
4114 days ago

Wait till Winter - not being out in it will be worth its weight in gold.

Written by rjnselection
4114 days ago

having worked from home for over a year i couldnt wait to get back into an office, it can be difficult to seperate home life from work life

Written by The Bad Blogger
4117 days ago

This is a wonder post, I would prefer to have a small office because having friends or many be family working together under a roof is really fun...

Written by m4bmarketing
4118 days ago

Liked the article and I too miss a few things re corporate life like travelling to different countries a couple of times a year. That said I definitely do not miss the endless meetings that would not achieve anything or having to wear high heels every day.


Written by swssem
4118 days ago

funny article and good points. I admit there are things I miss from the more social world of corporate employment. I think the key thing is to know what your social needs are before deciding to work at home.

Written by BizRock
4118 days ago

Really good and useful article for people who want to start work at own home. You really explained all of it. Thanks!

Written by amabaie
4119 days ago

This is just so true - and a little less satirical than my work-at-home series. What I like best about running my own business from home is the last item listed in the article: "Less politics and bullshit!!!"

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