The Results are in 2017 Small Business Report

The Results are in 2017 Small Business Report - Avatar Posted by amabaie under Management
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The questions span a wide range of topics, including government influence, economic confidence, major business challenges, staffing needs, marketing practices and tools, changes in IT spending and use, the role and scope of social media, employee roles and inventory/asset management tools.


Written by brianhughes116
2256 days ago

I am one of them, "69% of SMBs anticipate revenue growth in 2017". Today was a great day in history and I'm excited to see growth in our small business sector. This will be changing big time, "50% SMBs think government does not do enough to support small business". President Trump will be cutting taxes on businesses and removing all the regulations that have been strangling our businesses.

Written by lyceum
2255 days ago

Brian: Do you really think Trump is a pro-business President, building walls and enforcing protectionism?

Written by lyceum
2257 days ago

I am glad to see that >10 percent of the small business owners understand the important principle of separation of state and economy. Could it be a Renaissance for Laissez-faire capitalism?

Written by erenmckay
2259 days ago

It kind of surprised me that 28 percent still want to invest in SEO. So much negative talk in this area has been going around, that I thought less business owners understood the importance of it. That's very good to know since I work in that industry alongside social media. It didn't surprise me that 48 percent believe in social though. A lot of people are getting huge results from social media strategies and ads.

Written by erikemanuelli
2259 days ago

Very interesting report, David.

I did not know that the top challenge reported by small businesses was hiring new employees, other than increasing profits and employee healthcare.

Thanks for sharing!

Written by GrowMap
2253 days ago

I suspect I know why. Every time I ask an SEO or Social Media Manager what they do specifically I can't get an accurate answer out of them. "I do marketing" has no meaning. I want to know what they really know and whether they can get results.

Written by amabaie
2257 days ago

I can see that. It's hard to pick the best person. It's hard to evaluate what a stranger will be like in real life, outside of the job interview.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!