Why is it that so many businesses struggle to find their own unique selling proposition?

Yet, without one, customers have little or no reason to choose you over anyone else.

If you're looking for ideas to make your business stand out then check out these super simple actionable tips.

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Written by tiroberts
2731 days ago

Hi Kevin,

Really great and thorough article. I love the different things that you highlighted about finding a USP, especially the "target a niche" tip. That is so important when developing a USP. You have to uber specific and know exactly who you want to attract before you begin creating and marketing. Thanks for creating this awesome resource. :)

~ Ti

Written by kevincarlton
2730 days ago

Hi there Ti

Yes, targeting a niche is real winner.

To some extent, I've done that myself. Instead of being a general copywriter, I decided specifically to become an SEO copywriter.

Sure worked for me. Not only that, people still also ask me to do general copywriting (for print) anyway.

Written by HeatherStone
2740 days ago

Hi Kevin,

Coming from a small business perspective, a unique selling proposition seems like something that should be built into your product or service from the beginning (like Seth Godin's Purple Cow.) I realize this isn't always a possibility for marketers and copywriters who must sometimes find such an angle after the fact. But for the entrepreneur starting a business, try thinking about this first. The distinction can be very, very simple -- like being the only restaurant in town to serve an all-vegan menu -- but it should be there. From this distinction so much of your marketing can spring. But often just coming up with this one unique difference is the key.

Written by kevincarlton
2740 days ago

Hi Heather

Thanks so much for your very helpful and insightful comment.

Of course, many of us go into business without even knowing what a USP is, let alone any idea of what ours should be.

Your example of a vegan restaurant is a very good one.

But I've noticed online, in particular, that relatively few businesses distinguish themselves with a USP.

Unless your product or service is restricted to a small geographical area then the competition is huge. So you really need something that will help set you apart.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!