Every business needs marketing to succeed. Follow these 20 killer marketing strategies to supercharge your business today.


Written by pvariel
72 days ago

Hi Izaak, Thanks for sharing this informative post here. The writer Nabeena did a wonderful job with this Killer post.

Indeed this is a killer post on Marketing Strategies!

Well written by using a good number of illustrations, Infographics videos and links.

A post to be bookmarked for further reading.

Thanks for the pain you have taken to bring this out in such a descriptive way.

Keep writing.

Keep sharing.

Best Regards

~ Philip

Written by lyceum
72 days ago


It caught my attention, but I have a problem with the usage of this word in a positive context. I know that it is a slang for making an real impact, but it has become a pet peeve for me! ;) We have these slang words in Swedish too, e.g., "dökul" = "deadly funny".

All the Best,


Written by Hisdgradespeed
72 days ago

Good enough to know

Written by lyceum
73 days ago

Good run down of the different social media platforms and how to create marketing strategies for them.

My only question: why use the word, "KILLER" in the headline? ;)

Written by IzaakJC
72 days ago

Hey Lyceum, thanks!

To catch peoples attention! These strategies are so good your business will be 'killing' it :)

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