5 Reasons Your Sales are not Growing

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What actions small business owners can take to improve sales without spending a fortune on traditional methods of marketing and advertising.


Written by denisefay
3531 days ago

Hi there,

Marketing is a complex subject. It would be remiss of me as a lecturer in marketing and a marketing consultant for over 15 years not to say that your points 1 - 4 are all marketing related rather than purely sales.

Marketing starts with two main questions - who are your customers and what is the market? So much of what is written these days is about tools of marketing communication. Marketing Communication is but one of the Ps that were coined back in the 1960s.

I agree with your five points completely - they are incredibly valid, incredibly simple (when you put your mind to it) and incredibly useful.

But there is a difference between marketing and marketing communications. As a marketing person, I would never advocate business owners spend money on advertising when a. they don't have it b. they don't test and c. if it's the only communications tool that they'll use.

Small businesses and large for that matter need to get the strategic marketing basics right before embarking on a multi-pronged approach to communication.

Thanks for sharing your five points. I think that every business should use them.

Take care,


Written by BizRock
3531 days ago

Everyone want to grow their sales but only few know how to do that. Many of us have different approaches to our clients and costumers and only few of them are the right ones. If you made your costumers happy with your products and your clients happy with your services your sales will increase!

Thank you for sharing!

Written by georgescifo
3531 days ago

really an amazing and easy to understand article. the point on concentrating more on marketing rather than on products is well appreciated and I have even commented on the blog.

Written by AngelBiz
3527 days ago

George - Thanks for your feedback and comment.


Written by HeatherStone
3532 days ago


You wrote:

"Pick the right target market, develop products they would die for and deliver them with excellent customer service. Viola!!"

That's the key to growing your company's sales alright. It would be great if more entrepreneurs and small business owners thought of the situation so simply and eloquently. This is also a great way to identify a business opportunity, by the way. Thanks for sharing.

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