Being successful is not as hard as many bloggers believe. Avoiding some bad habits might just be enough for a better blog. Discover which those habits are.

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Written by yoni67
4103 days ago


Good post, though I disagree with you on one point. you mentioned that blogging about what's on your mind is a bad habit. I gotta disagree. You mentioned that although you love mountain biking it's not something that should be blogged about.

Being that I believe that the biz blog is the 21st Century resume, I feel that readers and prospective customers want a glimpse into the lives of those they do business with. Biking is filled with so many business lessons: overcoming, ups/downs, increasing stamina, the race against oneself, competiotion, to name but a few.

I've blogged about fishing, hiking, biking and so many other personal activities and I think it has worked. Business can be a pretty boring subject and the things we have to write about are limited. Life gives "life" to what might ordinarily be a pretty dull read.



Written by DSharkov
4102 days ago

Hey Yonatan,

You are right that blogging about business can sometimes be a boring topic to read. In my opinion however, mountain biking, which I mentioned just goes a bit too far and coming up with a full article, dedicated to it can hardly fit well. Other than that as I explain in the next sentence of the article, there is no problem to occasionally include some personal notes here and there, just to make things more interesting and engaging. The problem with those types of personal articles is that even though there will be people, interested in them, not everyone likes them (the bigger portion of people if you ask me). I prefer reading on the topic too with very rare exceptions. Either way, thanks for stopping by and sharing your point of view. :)

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!