Blog Efficiently: How to Blog More In Less Time

Blog Efficiently: How to Blog More In Less Time  - Avatar Posted by adamjayc under Marketing
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Learn how I use a select number of tactics and tools to blog more in less time. This post will help you get better results and earn more money from your blog.


Written by BizRock
2801 days ago

Love it! Thanks for reminding me to keep learning some time-saving techniques and tricks of the blogging .

Written by adamjayc
2801 days ago

Glad you like this one, Goran.

It's posts like these that really hit home how important it is to keep bettering ourselves, not just in what we know but also on how we approach things e.g. managing our time better etc.

Thanks for checking out Jerry's post!

Written by janesheeba
2803 days ago

Blogging is a multi-faceted "thing" to do. Most people think blogging is just writing and publishing blog posts. But it is not just that. In fact writing and publishing blog posts only take about 20% of this whole blogging thing.

We gotta get ideas for blog posts, capture them, do keyword research, SEO our posts - before publishing.

And after we publish we should do most of the promotion coz simply writing and promoting blog content will do nothing until you let people know about it. For this you gotta connect with like-minded fellas, build a network and an authority!

All these tasks take pretty amount of time and we just don't need time, but we should also be organized. Tools like these come in handy. I'm a fan and a regular user of Evernote, Producteev and so on - can't do without all these tools I'm using. I'm off to check out Book-in-a-week and Inkybee - sounds interesting to me!

Written by lyceum
2799 days ago

Jane: I have to check out Producteev. You are so right about the time aspect, especially when it comes to podcasting. To find guests, book time, prepare, research, recording, writing show notes, publish post, spreading the good word, etc.

Written by adamjayc
2803 days ago

Jane, thanks for sharing your thoughts and I completely agree with you on every point.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that people believe that all they need to do is just click publish and nothing else.

There are some that works for, e.g. Moz - Whenever Rand clicks publish the shares and links just pile in.

He's worked hard to get to that point and most of us still have to put that work in to get where sites like that are right now.

Producteev is a new one for me, big fan of Evernote here. Will check out Producteev for sure!


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