Content Curation: The Ultimate Guide

Content Curation: The Ultimate Guide  - Avatar Posted by eugenefarber under Marketing
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Content curation can be used as a significant part of your marketing strategy, and can yield a lot of benefits...if you do it right. Here's how...


Written by eugenefarber
3090 days ago

Thanks again for all the great comments! And sorry for the delayed responses. I'm pretty new to this whole BizSugar thing so I have to try and keep up with and it and learn how it works. But I'm loving it so far :).

Written by Brankica
3094 days ago

This is awesome, Eugene. One of those I will keep re-reading over and over again.

Written by tiroberts
3098 days ago

Wow, this is a very thorough post Eugene. I found that content curation is a great way to add additional value to your following while increasing exposure at the same.

I'm currently involved with This is a great curating site and has been responsible for sending my a decent amount of traffic over the past few weeks.

I also do curation through my weekly SEO Rebel Roundup. I love doing these. I find them to be extremely fun and it's a great way to leverage other people's content for your audience while at the same time diversifying my content.

Thanks for sharing your insights on I appreciate it!


Written by eugenefarber
3099 days ago

Thanks so much for the comments! Makes me happy I joined :).

I don't think curation as a concept is necessarily new, but it's definitely taking off now. Makes sense with the amount of information people have to sift through each day. helping people find the good stuff adds a lot of value.

Written by ShawnHessinger
3102 days ago

Content curation is becoming very hot with companies trying to market products and with many sites focused on sharing content from a particular niche. News sites, for example, with a particular point of view from Huffington Post to Breitbart are doing something very similar and arguably social networks like Facebook and Google+ are built on the same concept of content curation, allowing users to pick and share content from a variety of sources.

Written by tcamba
3103 days ago

Eugene, I have never heard about content curation before. Every time I find a great article online, I just use the browser bookmark to keep tab of the page. Now that I know a few awesome content curation tools, reading and getting back to the amazing pages I love will be easier.

Written by HeatherStone
3103 days ago

Hi Eugene,

Really fantastic and comprehensive post about a subject that covers a lot of ground. I love the video too! I recommend everyone take the time to check this post out. It's what your business should be doing! Thanks for sharing this post on BizSugar and welcome to the community!

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