Watching the Competition Will Suck You Dry

Watching the Competition Will Suck You Dry - Avatar Posted by JackieP under Marketing
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Made Hot by: Monsieur Eraser on July 25, 2011 2:27 pm
Competition in itself is the process of trying to win or do better than others.

I have one small issue with this. You are not your market. Your market’s decides who you are up against…Not you!

You see, I know you. You like to watch don’t you?…


Written by Authopublisher
4063 days ago

It's not good to ignore what competitors do, but incessant staring it won't do you any good either... there is not an exact science... Over thinking things will block your creativity!

Written by m4bmarketing
4086 days ago

Jackie I agree with you. Monitoring your competitors is important, focusing on what they do is not smart. It always makes me think of athletes or swimmers. If they are looking at the progress of competitors in a race they can lose their tempo and then are left with watching them go past to finish first. Cliché I know but still holds true I think.


Written by JackieP
4085 days ago

Its a fine line to walk for some people Susan, its all ego driven, but that won't bring the cash in the door.

Written by yoni67
4087 days ago

Very nice Jackie and I love the new layout.

Watching the competition can indeed suck you dry...unless you are... sister's boyfriend back in the late 70s used to have a '67 Camaro SS with a big-block 454 engine and dual 4-barrell carbs. Nothing in town could touch it. Rob used to love looking at anyone who used to challenge him to a stop-light to stop-light drag race in his rearview mirror. The icing on the cake was the bumber-sticker that said "EAT MY DUST!!!"

Very few of us in business can see everyone in the rearview mirror. We must all, at least sometimes, eat other people's dust!


Written by JackieP
4086 days ago

Thanks Yoni, missed your presence around here.

"big-block 454 engine and dual 4-barrell carbs" You almost have me grunting...aka Tim Taylor style lol

I'll pay that.

In some situations you will eat others dust...but hey you'll always see more through your windscreen than you will in rear view mirror.

Love the analogy.


Written by Adam_Gottlieb
4087 days ago


I wish every small business owner would read this post!

While it's true that business owners should be aware of the competitive field in their respective markets, obsessively watching what the business down the street is doing will not only take away valuable time, energy, and resources, but it can litterally "gut out" a business.

And it happens all the time, especially these days when businesses are working so hard to catch consumers' attention, and when they can "so easily" do it via their web and social media presence.

To achieve real growth (and stability) a business (like a person) must focus on what's happening on the inside.


Written by JackieP
4086 days ago

Thanks Adam.

The more they do it the more they want to do it...its almost like a drug fix.

Only way to beat it...go cold turkey and as you say, focus on the inside.


Written by businessavante
4088 days ago

Jackie!! I can't remember when a Business blog was so scintillating! I couldn't put it down! More! More!


Written by JackieP
4087 days ago

Lol...Thanks Duncan.

Will do my best to rise to the challenge.

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