Why Print Still Matters

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How much consideration do you give to your print collateral? It's easy to get swept up in the online environment. A recent blog post from Joe Pulizzi suggests it might be time to reconsider the importance of print in your content marketing strategy.


Written by Entrepreneurosaurus
4790 days ago


Thanks for the post. I think print may be more special in the digital age precisely because it is less prevalent. But also, print can be a second step in the customer relationship, material a customer or client has requested after interacting with your digital content rather than annoying junk mass mailed to everyone's mailbox.

Written by globalcopywrite
4788 days ago

Yes, you're right. Print can be a great way to connect to a customer in another channel. It's also a great way to get in touch with customers you haven't seen for awhile if only to encourage them to "Find us on Facebook".

Written by m4bmarketing
4793 days ago

Hi Sarah,

Print in the mass circulation area may be declining but for example in small business I can see it is still worthwhile. Like all mediums and tactics it gets down to what works for your business and customers.

Good article.


Written by globalcopywrite
4792 days ago

Thanks, Susan. One thing I'm finding from many of my customers is they don't have any digital details about clients that have been around awhile. It's a shame to waste a database built on hard work. I've been recommending they send an old-fashioned letter.

Thanks for your advice.



Written by businessavante
4793 days ago

For some odd reason I've always needed to print what I've written to correct it - I can't see what's wrong on a TV screen (which explains some of the gaffes in my comments on BizSugar). Did too much TV warp my brain!?


Written by globalcopywrite
4792 days ago

You know what, I'm the same. I always print my copy briefs and keep them at the side of my desk. I like the ability to write notes on it and cross things off. I'm not much of a TV fan so I don't think your brain is warped! :0) Thanks for the affirmation.

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