What is a Content Marketing Engine? It is the processes, tools and people that deliver consistent, targeted, high quality content in a variety of media formats.
A content engine can include blog content, eBooks, webinars, infographics, videos, slideshares and slidesets.

Content Marketing, done well, fuels your digital hub by building a “content engine” to drive people to your business. Keeping your engine tuned up with a rich mix of content types helps to keep things running smoothly. Smoothly enough that people want to come back more than once to visit your digital offerings.


Written by lyceum
74 days ago


Here are my presentations on Haiku Deck:


All the Best,


Written by lyceum
74 days ago

Lisa: Have you checked out the presentation tool called Haiku Deck? They have a Creative Commons library in the application.

Written by Inspiretothrive
74 days ago

Not, not yet. Thanks! Will check it out.

Written by lyceum
130 days ago

Lisa: Which element do you think is the hardest to get right, in a changing world?

Written by Inspiretothrive
74 days ago

For me it is slideshare and images for them. But I'm working on some new things to change that :) Many people don't realize too that they cannot use just any images and must be aware of copyright laws.

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