3 Steps To Design The Best Business Website Templates

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Website templates and designs will determine the success or failure of a business site. A good first impression is needed and it works as a funnel to increase sales revenue, boost visitors engagement and of course, build a better trust.

Here are 3 simple steps to create a GREAT business website template from scratch.


Written by HeatherStone
1872 days ago

Hi Reginald,

Wow. What a comprehensive post! I really think you're right that a blog/website's design and function should follow your business requirements. Form should follow function, as they say. What's the first step you would recommend for someone launching a small business blog? How would you go about deciding what kind of blog you would need to fit your business?

Written by HeatherStone
1872 days ago

Thanks, Reginald! Very helpful. Appreciate your contribution!

Written by nicregi
1872 days ago

Hey Heather,

Thank you for your kind words! Glad you enjoyed it :)

Those are some good question my dear friend. Here are things I have in mind when starting a business blog:

1. What are you selling? - Product knowledge is important

2. Who are your potential buyers? - Focusing on the right market will grow your business

Both of these are vital. You won't go wrong with either one of those. Of course, once you figured that out, you need to know the type of CMS you are going with. For small start ups, usually it is best to go with WordPress. As your business grow, you can opt for more 'custom made' CMS.

For me, blog is always my stepping stone. For example, I am experienced in SEO and social media. So, the best way to is blog more on those topic and most importantly, not to 'shy' from sharing your tricks. When it comes to blogging, nothing could go wrong if you know exactly what you want and you can be successful (or failure) either way!

In short, focus, focus and focus on what you want plus getting your targets right. Once that is done, the rest are pretty self-explanatory. We all do mistakes and that is absolutely fine. The biggest issue is when we don't even give it a try :)


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