Are You Ready To Become The Purple Cow?

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Made Hot by: Cathode Ray Dude on April 9, 2011 12:50 am
The Purple Cow is about you (whether you are a brand, business, blog, whatever), standing out from the crowd of other “cows”. It is about what it’s going to take for you to step out and fill a role that few others can or are willing to do.


Written by CatarinasWorld
4815 days ago

Michele I really hope I'm a purple cow when it comes to what I write!-:) The parroting going on is really tedious. We don't need to read 1000 articles about exactly the same subject with just a few words changed.

Having said that I should add that when you stick your neck out, like I do, you really annoy some people. But at least you are different.

Written by marketingm8
4853 days ago

Small world and we all love Seth. How can they guy say so much with just a few words?? I've just been finishing off my latest Social Media satire (edition 5) with a few words about Purple Cows and I casually come across your post. Great minds and all that! Guess it'd be rude if I didn't vote! Best regards Peter

Written by ShawnHessinger
4853 days ago

Hi Michele,

Big fan of building a remarkable factor into your brand and of Seth in general. (Found "Tribes" impossible to put down!) I'm sharing this on our Facebook page, by the way. Hope to see you there!

Written by newbizblogger
4853 days ago

Hi Shawn,

Just picked up three of his books, including Tribes. Can't wait to read it! Thanks for sharing my article on FB... saw the tag. You are awesome. =)

Written by yoni67
4856 days ago

The Purple Cow is also a pub in Morgantown, WV. I spent many a night there during my days at WVU. Also, a very insightful article, sorry if I got sidetracked with my memories of the "Roaring 90's" in the great State of West Virginia..."Country roads, take me home, to the place I belongggggg..."


Written by newbizblogger
4853 days ago

LOL... how easily we get sidetracked huh? Funny enough someone tweeted to me that it was their favorite drink! Seems like the Purple Cow brings up a lot of memories for people beside Seth Godin. =)

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