So often I “tweet” about the importance of commenting on blogs as a business strategy that I thought I would share a short blog about “how to” for the small business owner. If you do not have your own blog yet( ok, even if you do) this is a SMART strategy!


Written by AnnEvanston
4405 days ago

Most spam filters pull 2 links in a comment not one, so it often works well. I am still amazed how many people do not understand that the name the enter becomes a link back to the url they enter, and therefore leave it blank. And that probably means that others don't know to CLICK to find it! sometimes those of use that "do it' all the time forget how many novices there really are. I have also worked hard to create a strong blog commenting community through which is a "givers gain" concept. We have been doing it for two years now, join us!

Written by sheena.willspheen
4454 days ago

Comments are very helpful because sometimes the idea of other about the article we post are different from our. Sometimes they have very good inputs.Good job there!

Written by GenuineSEOnet
4463 days ago

Commenting is a great way to engage with the bloggers and helps build relationship. This is one of the main benefits I get from commenting.

Written by m4bmarketing
4465 days ago

I often find reading the comments adds so much to the post. The one plugin I like is commentluv. It means that your readers can comment and their last post is added automatically. This means they can get promoted in a very helpful way.

Good article


Written by businessavante
4465 days ago

As was said, leaving your url looks to many of us like comment spam, and like you might just be commenting for self-serving reasons.


Written by BusinessBloggerPro
4465 days ago

I like this post a lot because I think blog commenting is probably something no one does enough of anymore. It's what made the Web social before there was a Facebook or Twitter and, you know what? Bloggers appreciate comments and depending on the size of the blog's community may just followup with a comment (or at least a visit) to your site. Connections between bloggers on this level can lead to links that help to pool communities and build thriving networks of bloggers and blog readers outside the big social sites. The only caution I would add here? I would not add your URL to a comment if there is no opportunity to leave a link back. This might have been OK at one time and there may be isolated situations where it's acceptable, but to a lot of people, it looks like spam, something you want to stay as far away from as possible.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!