With the 140 character limitation of Twitter, it’s important that we shorten the links we share in order to save space, yet Bit.ly actually does more than just shorten links. Bitly allows you to edit the shortened links you create so that you can customize them and make them more appealing.


Written by tiroberts
2278 days ago

Really great post guide, Ileane.

I've never paid much attention to the tracking stats feature on bit.ly. I mainly use it as a URL shortner, however, it seems that it's tracking and stats reporting can be very useful and powerful.

Thanks for taking the time to create this neat guide and share it with us. :)


Written by bloggerpalooza
2279 days ago

two-thumbs up.

I have encountered bitly for most of my virtual journey and I sometimes find it annoying because you have to spend time clicking things but now, I know that it is really helpful.

Thank you for sharing.:)

Written by Ileane
2278 days ago

Bloggerpalooza, I'm glad you're convinced to give bitly another look! Thanks for the comment.

Written by HeatherStone
2280 days ago

Hi Ileane,

Thanks for the helpful guide and video on using Bit.ly! I'm wondering whether you can think of a few more ways to use Bit.ly's tracking feature and could share them in the comment section on BizSugar. The tracking feature is something some people overlook and it would be great for our community to get a look at how versatile these little links can be!

Written by Ileane
2278 days ago

Heather, thanks for commenting on my blog!

There is one feature that I didn't mention in the post but I'm sure everyone at BizSugar will want to try. It's called Bitly Bundles. This feature allows you to create a collection of bitmarks (which is how they refer to a bitly link) on a related topic and share them all with one link.

When you're on the bitly website just look for "add to bundle" under your link.

Have fun!

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!