Does Facebook and Twitter Increase Your Google Ranking?

Does Facebook and Twitter Increase Your Google Ranking?  - Avatar Posted by waltgoshert under Online Marketing
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Lots of local small businesses are jumping on the Facebook and Twitter Express. Yet, many local businesses struggle in getting traffic to their websites. Discover 3 Ways Facebook and Twitter help increase your Google rankings.


Written by ShawnHessinger
4579 days ago

I think there is a deeper context to be considered here and it probably has little to do with what your business does on Twitter, Facebook or any one of a billion other platforms out there including bookmarking sites and feedback forums. The real lesson is that social media will undoubtedly impact your SEO but perhaps not directly in a way you can control. Comments through all of these platforms could be looked at from the standpoint of the Semantic Web as layers of detailed information, the good and the bad, about your business. So the important question becomes how well you interact with others and accurately represent who you are and what you do and then follow through when providing products and services. Creating perception, and thus controlling where you rank on the World Wide Web, may increasingly be up to customers as, perhaps, it always has been.

Written by WayneLiew
4580 days ago

I find Twitter and Facebook are more powerful when it comes to building traffic, trust and influence rather than increasing Google Rankings. I would recommend anyone reading this not to participate in social networking sites just for SEO purposes.

Yes, they do reap SEO benefits but those benefits are too minimal to be relevant. Use Facebook and Twitter for things that both of them do best - build relationships. Reach out to people in your industry, bloggers, media personnel, influencers, prospects and customers. In the long run, you might get a link from their blogs or media outlets, which you don't need to worry about dofollow, nofollow, etc.

Written by waltgoshert
4579 days ago

I agree... however, when Matt Cutts comes out and makes a video, Twitter and Facebook indeed does influence Google Rankings. Every little tweak is a long-term investment in building your online platform as a marketing asset. These tweaks... adding a link on your social profiles back to your blog, turning your Facebook Profile Public take minimal effort, so why not make sure your social profiles are SEO'd?

You're right... You're not going to land on Page 1 from your Facebook and Twitter Profiles; Twitter and Facebook are great tools to build relationships and get on the radar of your industry leaders. The days of picking up the phone and calling people to connect no longer seems to work.

Thanks for reading and appreciate your feedback.

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