Email marketing evolution: 3 trends

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According to data from Smart Insights, across all industries, the average email open rate is 22.87 percent and the average click-through rate is a mere 3.26 percent. That means roughly 97 percent of all marketing emails accomplish nothing.

Email marketing must become more adaptive and better tailored to the unique buying stage of each audience member. Not surprisingly, full-scale marketing automation produces on average an 80 percent increase in leads and a 77 percent lift in conversions.

For a brand to survive, it has to invest heavily in three email marketing trends that are proving to be effective.


Written by nathanelward
2089 days ago

Good post! Evolution is the key to survival for any business or marketing platform. Yes these three are the pillars of email marketing evolution.. Hence companies are EasySendy Pro using these features to helps customers better and consequently grow. They do help in micro segmenting email subscribers and lists, making the job much easier. They allow adding heading content to headers if required by specific SMTPs.. and yes they allow the use of various SMTP for different subscriber lists for the same client. this is also useful when there are country specific mailbox service providers. Thanks, Nathan

Written by joyh1
2315 days ago

Hi Erik,

Thanks for this article - it's given me a lot of insight into why I'm not getting the response I'd like from my email marketing campaigns.

I shall try implementing the tips from the article. In particular I can see that I haven't been doing enough personalization and list segmentation.

I appreciate your advice, Joy

Written by ivanpw
2318 days ago


My email open rate is even lower than that - let alone the CTR :( I do need to work on my segmentation.

Written by erikemanuelli
2318 days ago

Yes, Ivan.

I believe segmentation is the key to increase your chance to be successful with email marketing.

Written by pvariel
2320 days ago

Hi Dennis

Email marketing is now the key word in small or big business as well as in the blogging sector too! Indeed a personalization is the need of the hour, since the clients inbox is daily filled in with lot of stuff needed and unwanted and in such cases most will go into the drain and only a few

will get the attention, in such case it is a must to personalize it according to the need or necessity of the receiver we need to do a research into it to find out the potential customers. This post is an informative piece in this line. As VentureBeat rightly put it: “Email marketing providers: Evolve or die” Yes, since a lot of things are happening around this marketing field, we need to update accordingly, otherwise our very purpose of sending such a lot of emails will just go into the drain! Or in other words, it will be deleted or ignored.

Thanks for sharing this informative and a wonderful alert here!!

The illustrations along with it are really fitting ones! Indeed, it is a very interesting picture, especially the initial one! Though the last man on the Q is a bit disgusting one altogether the picture really speaks volume!!

Keep sharing. Thanks for sharing this wonderful information here.

~ Philip

Written by nirmalablog
2320 days ago

When I entered into BizSugar, it is the top post on the homepage. I would say that it is a wonderful article on email marketing with which the businesses can build a relationship with their customers and progress their brand awareness.

The author has explained the three essential stuff of email marketing. If a brand wish to make the first-time visitors come back regularly, then it is vital to implement the three strategies(Segmentation, personalization and customization) in its EM campaign.

I totally agree with the viewpoints of Dennis! Of course, GetResponse has some irreplaceable features to track and understand the subscribers.

Thanks for sharing this priceless post for BizSugarers, Erik. Have a good day!

Written by atishranjan
2320 days ago

Very well written article by Dennis. All these three strategies he mentioned, personalization, Segmentation and customization are equally important.

Under customization, it's important to add your brand logo, and keep color combination matching with Logo's color. It's nothing but called branding yourself.

This small tweaks, put your brand in a professional way to the customers.

Written by Amitkr404
2320 days ago

After reading this complete guide and all top 3 trends of Email marketing evolution, I would say that yes "Segmentation" plays a vital role in creating the email list more informative and attractive.

I have tried the advanced segmentation options with GetResponse email marketing tool and felt very much attracted. I also liked the appropriate example of "Totes Isotoner Corp." Thanks a lot to share this superb Email marketing pattern tutorial.

Written by JamesMcAllister
2321 days ago

In my eyes it's all about appealing to the individual these days.

Many companies take a mass market approach and simply try to appeal to everyone. People are receiving so many emails that this strategy no longer works. If you do not take the time to tailor your emails to the individual, somebody else will and that person will end up seeing the results they're looking for. The segmentation and personalization sections of this article touched on that well.

I agree with Nikhilganotra that thinking of yourself as a receiver is a great way to go about it. Look at your emails - would you click through? Would you buy? If not, then perhaps it's time to make changes.

Anyway all-in-all a great article. Thanks for sharing!

Written by nikhilganotra
2321 days ago

Informative post indeed!

Segmenting the list is really important to shoot out mails to the targeted audience.

Sending personalized emails also work. I daily receive many personalized emails that entice me to buy the product.

The best part in email marketing is that imagine yourself as a user and then generate email campaigns on that basis.

It will work like a charm.

Thanks for sharing this amazing post! :)

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