Some people are concerned that by giving away their best content in a blog, they will lose potential customers. This article gives you a look at why that isn't true.


Written by denisefay
3739 days ago

I love your points that you've made Allison. I have a blog and when I put effort and time into it, then it reaps its own rewards.

Sometimes you can give away as much information as you know but the reader, with all the will in the world, just can't do it themselves.

Reading your blog can give them the confidence to call you up and give you the job/project.

Thanks for your insights.

Take care,


Written by bembridge
3739 days ago

One of the big debates has been the concept of "free" as a way to get business. I am in your camp on this and think, as you say, the key is to show your ability, credentials and capability - and also blogging will raise your profile online and in search. So people will find and you more too.

Written by Sian Phillips
3739 days ago

Great post and very true. Sharing your expertise has to be a good advertisement for yourself too. Thanks for sharing on

Written by HeatherStone
3740 days ago

Hi Allison,

You write that people sometimes ask:

"Why in the world would I want to teach everyone about how I do my job? Then no one will need to hire me!"

It probably should be pointed out here that just because someone can figure out how to do your job does not mean they want to do it. There are many things we could do ourselves in our businesses, for example. This does NOT mean we want to do them. Everything you choose to do is an investment in time or money and many times the investment in money to have someone else do work you don't have time for so that you can focus on your core competencies (the parts of your business you're best at) is money well spent. Still, I want to hear that you know how to do what I'm hiring you to do. That's what blogging is for. Why should I hire you without having the slightest idea whether you can do the job or not?

Written by BizRock
3741 days ago

Great post! When you helping others to help other people, you will get referrals and that will be more potential costumers.

Thank you for sharing here at BizSugar!

Written by Allison Semancik
3740 days ago

Thanks so much! I agree 100% :-)

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!