How long does SEO take to get results?

How long does SEO take to get results?  - Avatar Posted by amabaie under Online Marketing
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Your question is a lot like how deep is a hole? How high is up? SEO is like a sport, and you are competing for various positions with others. Results could be a top 10 ranking for one search term. It could be a #1 ranking for three search terms. It could mean hundreds of things for any given site.


Written by simplycastguy
3822 days ago

Popular question for sure and your article gave some good answers to use. Comparing it to a sport is right on the money.

Written by Sian Phillips
3838 days ago

Good one. I will be sharing this with a few people who wonder why they aren't on the first page of Google yet! Thank you. (PS. I don't do SEO myself)

Written by JVRudnick
3838 days ago

went to one of our local economic Dev public seminars last night that they hold for SMBs...and the 2.5 hour session was on SEO and how to "do" that as a DIY project for biz owners. Sadly, the person giving same was a WSI the content was pretty lame - cookie cutter approach, way too many uses of SEO jargon with no explanations etc etc. But one thing that was asked and answered was "how long till my site gets some traffic?" which was answered correctly in that it takes at least 4 to 6 to 8 months to start to see traffic into your sales funnel. Course, the seminar leader never got to conversions, CTRs etc etc...but at least the timeline offered was correct!

Written by HeatherStone
3839 days ago


Increasingly clients are asking for benchmarks and SEO and social media marketers (whose answers to these questions would no doubt be very similar)are employing them, even if only to get a sense of momentum in certain areas. Top ranking for specific search terms or a certain level of "engagement" on Facebook or Twitter. The question then becomes, what do these benchmarks really mean? Which benchmarks translate to actual success and how can we tell? Which ones translate to conversion and how do we measure this? What number of unique visits do you expect by a certain time and why? If your clients haven't started asking these kinds of questions, they will soon. Coming up with reasonable answers is a whole new challenge in an evolving market.

Written by BizRock
3839 days ago

LOVE IT! You just gave me new ideas how to explain my further clients how long does SEO need to give results!

Thank you for sharing amabaie!

Written by amabaie
3839 days ago

I come across this question every couple of weeks.

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