How to Pick a Niche for Content Curation

How to Pick a Niche for Content Curation - Avatar Posted by ScottScanlon under Online Marketing
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Today we’ll talk about how to select a niche to curate.

Maybe you’re someone who has a product or service or idea and you want to know how to down to a specific niche and actually monetize the strategy.

Another type of person who might ask this question a lot is the someone that wants to start a separate site curating stuff around a specific niche and needs some tips on how to do that.


Written by beauty900
3233 days ago

fabolus idea.

Written by HeatherStone
3234 days ago

Hi Scott,

Great and thoughtful post and podcast on niche marketing and content curation. It's certainly something we here in the BizSugar community talk and think a lot about. I'm wondering if you could offer a bit more detail here in the comment section about how to sync your curation strategy with your business model. In other words, there might be a different approach for creating or curating content around a specific product or service you sell as opposed to creating a site that will be monetized through advertising or affiliate marketing on a specific topic.

Written by HeatherStone
3232 days ago

Quite alright, Scott. Thanks again for the thoughtful response and thanks for your contributions to the BizSugar community!

Written by ScottScanlon
3232 days ago


Thank you for the comment.

I would say the concepts and fundamentals are the same, although I have one major opinion that probably differs from most.

If you're putting into place a curation strategy to capture leads for your business or in a market where people have options there is one thing I would be careful of.

You have to ensure your curation efforts don't simply lead your audience to another option.

I use this example, if you've ever searched for a solution for something and came to a site where they give you a comparison table. Usually that table is designed in a such a way that their solution has the most checkmarks compared to other products. I think it's a good marketing tactic but I know we have come across this type of thing and found other options we didn't know existed in that market. A few times this chart actually led to the discovery of another tool we ultimately decided on... I'm not sure we would have gone down that discovery path of that other product if they didn't have the comparison chart. We probably would have spent more time learning about their solution. I also believe the more time you can have someone learning about your product or service the greater opportunity you have to convert them.

With that in mind, I'd take the same approach to curation. Ensure your not overshadowing your own call to actions or conversion points. Ensure your not pointing people away from your solution or your answer for the market.

Hope that makes sense, a little bit more than I planned to add here.

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