The whole world is telling you to get online and find some customers. The media won't shut up about Twitter and Facebook so you need a Social Media Strategy, right? Probably. But the Internet is much bigger than Social Media...


Written by JackieP
4255 days ago

Great points Alastair.

It’s like puting a child in a car and telling them to drive to the shops. They understand the car will get them there, but haven’t a clue how to drive it.

I agree, the solid strategies will always see you through, that way you can adapt to whatever the latest and greatest is in the market.


Written by alastair
4254 days ago

Thanks Jackie.

I like the analogy.

It is all a matter of perspective for me. A solid internet strategy will use multiple channels and will understand which ones are good for what purposes. It will be based on where your customers are and different channels will hit different customers at different points.

The next big thing is important but it is just one more channel. There will be another one along after it and we'll need to adjust to that too.

You are exactly right. Solid strategies that are adapted to the many changes we see each year online. That is the key.

Written by businessavante
4261 days ago

Hi Alastair,

I'm just glad there're experts like you who share the info. Where would we be w/o expert advice?

businessavante (Duncan)

Written by alastair
4259 days ago

Thanks Duncan

Written by yoni67
4261 days ago


This is really a great article that puts things in great context. In the 21st century it's always about "The Next Big Thing." As you stated, websites, now Social Media and who-knows-what tomorrow?

The fundamentals are what's important, as you said, the solid Marketing and presence.

I had a website for the first few months of business. I didn't blog. I didn't do much rather than sit back and wait for my phone to ring. It didn't!


Written by alastair
4259 days ago

Thanks for the kind words Yoni.

"The Next Big Thing" seems to be the next big thing these days. :)

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!