Writing for Search Engines or Visitors?

Writing for Search Engines or Visitors?  - http://www.sitestreamseo.com Avatar Posted by alastair under Online Marketing
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Should you write content for search engines or visitors? You need traffic from Google but it's got to be useful or your site won't convert, won't sell. Here's a quick look at this false dilema and how to make search engine friendly content that users love.


Written by srawlings
4261 days ago

I wish more people would heed this advice. I think technology makes it so simple to share content that doing the actual sharing is what we're too focused on, not the quality of the content we're sharing.

Written by seansupplee
4262 days ago

Great tips its a tricky balance to write for both SEO reasons and for your visitors. However with some practice and some of the tips you provide here its something that is attainable.

Written by alastair
4262 days ago

Thanks for the comments guys. You are all absolutely right to focus on humans when you are writing and more and more focussing on humans and getting shared will be (is) what you need to get up the rankings.

Written by m4bmarketing
4262 days ago

Good article Alastair. I agree about content to share and if it is right for your target market it can pay off. This happened to me last week and I can say there were no keyword research involved. It did make me think though what could have happened if I had included a little research.


Written by JackieP
4262 days ago

I do wonder if I spent a little more time on the keyword reasearch what kind of impact it would have on traffic. Sometimes you do feel like your swimming against the tide, when trying to get more eyballs on your stuff.

Thanks for the article Alastair

Written by saraib820
4263 days ago

Great work Alastair! I tend to lean more to the for human side than to the SEO. How's polo going?


Written by yoni67
4263 days ago


Great advice. I see the need to be on the continuum, hopefully to the right as you point out. I see a lot of articles that seem to be built almost entirely for keywords...it seems so scripted with those obvious keywords at every juncture.

I think that to a large degree articles have to be written for humans. Yhey need to be interesting, insightful and thought-provoking. That being said, without keywords and SEO, the readers might not show up for the party.

Very insightful article and great points made.


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