Google+ launched to much fanfare in June and there were all sorts of people proclaiming either its superiority to Facebook or what an utter failure it would be. Since June, the social networking platform has added 25 million users, but there isn't a whole lot of buzz about it and using it still feels like an afterthought.Several people I've spoken with tell me that they often forget to use it. I've thought on a few occasions that if I had something important to post -- a link to a blog post on the Houston Press, for example -- I would immediately go to Twitter and Facebook, but think, "Oh, right, I guess I should add it to Google+ too?"There is a lot to like about Google+ as well. The video conferencing, group chat and ease of use in creating and managing circles are impressive. But, setting "buzz" aside for a moment, there are still some legitimate issues that leave me concerned about its future and wondering why I should even bother continuing to mess with it at all. Some of them could be fixed. Others are a little trickier. Here are five hurdles Google+ faces in the battle for the hearts and minds of social networkers.

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Written by businessavante
2649 days ago

I agree - especially with #1 (listed last), Jeff. It's a lot of work for us to have to block everyone we don't want following - it should be by initial approval, like FB. It can get out of control really fast.


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