Business is all about people. Understanding people. Helping people. Connecting with people.Sometimes, those of us who work in the online world get so caught up tracking followers, retweets, likes, page views and conversion rates that we forget something very important for social media success – engagement.No, not the kind of engagement that comes when your girlfriend finally breaks down and gives you an ultimatum. But, the engagement that comes from connecting with other people and building a relationship.Even Walmart knows if they “connect” with people, it will help their bottom line in the long run. That’s why they developed the slogan – “Save Money. Live Better.” It implies that Walmart is more than just cheap products; they help you make smart decisions, save money and live a better life with the money you save by shopping at Walmart. People can relate to that.


Written by businessavante
2646 days ago

Jeff, The "tree in the forest" bit is a real bugaboo of mine. No human ears are required for sound waves to be emitted - the laws of physics pretty well take care of that. But no one engaging a Twitter stream is different.


Written by businessavante
2646 days ago

p.s. I always chalk-up the former to the arrogance of mankind.

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