Do as Google says and get penalized

Do as Google says and get penalized  - Avatar Posted by amabaie under Public Relations
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Google’s advice that we should be creating web content for our readers, not for Google, is wise – at least in theory. The problem is, that Google is now penalizing those very activities that we should be doing to make great websites for our readers. Here are a few examples that I have noticed.


Written by QueenMaa
3142 days ago

I agree with you. I have been a victim of google as I used to have a blogger blog which they shutdown. I don't see how syndicating your site at different places is considered spam. I think the problem is instead of using pandas and penguins(the software they call penguins and pandas) to do their work they need to start using actual human beings. Of course it's going to cost them some money but it's not like they can't afford it. Too many people are being punished unnecessarily. They are not stopping spammers because they are going to continue to do what they do and google is helping them by punishing all the good sites and many of the spam sites are going on strong. I have seen many sites that would be qualified as spam still online. So something is obviously wrong with this picture.

Written by zubinkutar
3142 days ago

Let there be less dependance on Google..If you have 70% of your traffic from Google ,you have a problem

Written by tiroberts
3142 days ago

This is the very reason why I could care less about Google and all of its ever changing antics. I say stick with writing for your audience. Build relationships with other bloggers, do some guest posting, build your email list and you'll be fine. Who needs Google? I know I don't.


Written by amabaie
3142 days ago

Hi Ti.

I need to rant here, so please bear with me. lol

A very small sub-set of website owners can afford to think like that. Bloggers. Most websites are not blogs and don't have an "audience". They have "customers" (or they go out of business for not having customers). Reaching customers is not always that easy, with or without Google.

Even among bloggers, very few can afford to think like that. Those whose audience is "other bloggers". But most blogs are not about blogging, marketing or writing like yours and mine and many people on BizSugar. Most are about "everything else" - grooming, gossip, sports, fashion, pets, etc. Their audience is not other bloggers. Their audience is very hard to reach without without Google. Sure, they can all comment on each others blogs, but that just redistributes the small segment of their market that reads blogs; that does nothing to reach new markets, the vast majority of people who do not read blogs and often don't even have a clue what a blog is.

OK. Rant over. I'm smiling now. :-)

Written by bigmoneyweb
3143 days ago

I’m a huge fan of all the changes, it’s much better for us business owners to be truly focused on value and not on dodgy SEO tactics.

Thanks for sharing!

Written by ivanpw
3144 days ago


You know what, after my sites were hit by Panda last year, all I am trying to do is to removing short content and write longer post. Yes, I feel like I am writing for the sake of word count.

You are right - this creates more problem to solve; and no matter how hard Google tries, people will always find loopholes.

And for the guys who are doing it whitehat like me, it's tempting to go blackhat (or at least greyhat) because there's no reward doing the right things.

Written by crom84
3144 days ago

Outstanding article Dave, getting hurt for other sites that link to you is just brutal, Pandora's box has been opened!

Written by amabaie
3144 days ago

I think we all understand why Google is doing this, but I fear the problems they are creating will be as bad as the ones they are trying to solve.

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