Scrivener for iOS Review, a Roaming Writer's Best Buddy?

Scrivener for iOS Review, a Roaming Writer\'s Best Buddy? - Avatar Posted by donebeforebrekky under Resources
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Writers and bloggers, may I have but a moment of your coffee sipping time.
This Scrivener for iOS review will cover all the things you need to know about this word processor, built by writers, for writers.


Written by donebeforebrekky
347 days ago

Hi Martin,

Ulysses is also on my radar and I may have a look at that in the near future. However, I also heard about the change to a subscription model and that some of the users were not so pleased. So, a little pricey but if you can get value from it as you seem to be doing then it is likely money well spent!

Written by lyceum
347 days ago

Brendan: Thanks for your reply! Yes, I get a value from it. I recommend that you read Shawn Blanc's post on the new subscription model.

Written by lyceum
355 days ago

Brendan: I checked out Scrivener in the past, but I moved along with Ulysses instead, as they had an iOS app. I am glad to hear the Scrivener has developed its service. I don't think it is so pricey for a great writing tool. Ulysses has recently changed the pricing to a subscription service. I pay around $5 per month for the iOS version, including a laptop program too. I am using Ulysses mainly for my first forthcoming book on tea, but I will start using it for blog posts, show notes for podcasts, ideas, journaling, etc.

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