Library Trip Fail

Library Trip Fail  - Avatar Posted by tiroberts under Self-Development
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As of right now, I am out of interesting books to read. There was a time when I strongly disliked reading, and mainly because it was forced upon me.

Having been out of school for quite some time now, I have grown to re-like reading actual books. It puts my mind in a good state and I simply enjoy it.


Written by lyceum
2615 days ago


I prefer to read hardcover books. It is an enjoyable feeling to have a book in your hands and to smell leather and paper. You could write notes in the margin and highlight passages of the text. You could do that with e-book readers now too, but I don't think it is the same feeling to it.

I got an ebook reader as a X-mas present to myself, but I have used it so much yet. It will be perfect to have with me on a trip. I want to write an e-book on my hobbies, so I have to get into the field of electronic books.

I recently signed up for Audible, so please feel free to give me suggestions of books to (read) listen to! It will be perfect to listen to Audible during my weekend walk, on bus rides and before I go to sleep.

Written by tcamba
2625 days ago

I personally like reading hardback books but well, since the onset of the internet age, an eBOOK or a digital copy has become more appealing to me. No need to bring heavy books when you can carry an iPAD an just click on it and KABOOM!

But the smell of books, damn, I will surely miss them!

Written by tiroberts
2625 days ago

Interesting story, Gabe.

Yeah, it’s sad that many poor areas don’t have the type of entrepreneurial/ self-development books that other privileged areas have.

I don’t do much reading in hardback anymore. 99% of my reading is done digitally. I used to love reading a good hardback/paper back. But I rarely have the time now.

Good luck in your continued search! :)


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