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Like most small business owners, I want to maximise every minute I'm at work. As a freelance copywriter, I would love nothing more than to find more time to write. A resolution to make 2013 more productive is already paying off and increasing my billable hours.


Written by HeatherStone
3897 days ago


Thanks for sharing this with the BizSugar community. If you don't know how much time you're spending on projects, you don't know what your time is worth. That's a huge problem because it could turn out your business is unsustainable or that it will become unsustainable over time if you don't carefully keep track. Figure out not only the time you are putting in but what else you could be doing with that time and then figure out whether the compensation is worth the opportunity cost.

Written by globalcopywrite
3896 days ago

That's so true, Heather. Many of my clients would love it if I spent more time on their projects. If they're not prepared to pay me for that time, however, it's not good business for me. I found I was often estimating the hours I worked and would always err on the side of the client. When I started accurately tracking my hours two things happened:

1) I was able to produce invoices that represented the actual hours I put into a project

2) I could see patterns of inefficiencies in my work week and I could correct those. For example, I was spending more time on Twitter on Friday afternoon than any other part of the week. Now I avoid that distraction and get busy finishing my work week with productive (and billable) writing time.

Thank you so much for your comment.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!