6 Ways to Improve Your Business by Using Social Media

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Dylan Adams offers up informative tips and examples of how to interact with customers on some of the most popular social media platforms.


Written by kingofcontent92
2612 days ago

There are so many ways you can improve your business using social media and there are about a thousand social media that you should consider but I think the most important tip of all is introduce your product or service in a short but definitive manner and at all cost, you should not lie everytime because the moment you are caught lying, your rep will go down to the bottom.

Written by ShibaniRoy
2614 days ago

Since we're talking about social media, I'd like to recommend a few ways how Twitter can help your business.

1. Increase your followers!

For example, if you specialize in marketing, follow other marketing professionals for tips, information or just to connect with them. That will make a huge difference.

2. Create Lists:

Create lists to segregate and manage your leads. For instance, you could add your potential customers to one list and have another for those loyal customers that you already have. By creating lists, you are following them more closely and keeping track of their needs.

Segregate customers depending on how important they are to you and which stage are they at in business terms, and segregate leads accordingly.

3. Post interesting Tweets:

As mentioned above, your tweet will either make it or break it. A regular tweet is restricted to 140 characters but Lead Generation Cards can have up to 240 characters, which includes the tweet, description and CTA. That is all you have to convert a customer into a client.

4. Be active:

Correspond with you followers on a daily basis. Re-tweet relevant information from other links or twitter accounts. Respond to queries. Make the most of “#HashTags” so they appear on the “Trends” section. All of this will also enhance your brand image.

For example, don’t think for a minute that your followers would be inactive for a certain period of time. Most of them have Twitter apps on their phone which means they are watching you all the time!

5. Be local:

The concept of glocalization has really worked for brands like McDonald’s and Lay’s. Even in this case, it can be used to benefit your business. Target people who are within your reach and will benefit from your product or service.

For instance, if you’re a retail chain, talk about trends in your local area of the area you cater to. That would make a difference.

6. Use an effective Twitter handle and image:

The Twitter handle (username) and image makes a difference. Be specific and clear so customers can directly identify with your business/product/service.

When it comes to advertising, Twitter has a couple of features that help in marketing and lead generation. Try Promoted Tweets, Promoted Trends, and Promoted Accounts.

Written by merincafe
2615 days ago

Encourage Reviews - is more important in blogging. Thanks for sharing this useful article :)

Written by agriyanews
2615 days ago

Hi Dylan,

Useful tips for everyone. 'Share a joke' is this essential? I like it :)

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