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Leaving comments on blogs used to be a good thing but now it seems most of the comments I see are rubbish! What went wrong? We used comments for blogger outreach, to connect with each other, to answer questions from our readers, build relationships and grow our community.


Written by wealthartisan
2541 days ago

I would say it is a symptom of a bigger problem. Google's system improved the quality of the internet overall. Before Google, search engines ranked sites based on keyword stuffing. At least with Google coming in, the spam is now relegated to the comment areas rather than spammy, keyword stuffed articles sitting at the top of the search engines.

On top of all of that, the links in the comment sections are largely useless because they are nofollowed This was an attribute that Google introduced to help remove the value of links in places where the author of a website didn't want to formally endorse a website with an editorially earned link, such as a comment.

The majority of the comment spam you receive isn't people trying to pull one over on you, it's people that are using automated software to find auto-approve blogs and followed link blogs. Your site is just collateral damage in that search.

The way the automated software works is by posting a comment to your site, then checking right away to see if the link is there, and if it is, is it a followed link. They then create huge lists of websites that are auto approved and followed and sell them so people can spam those sites.

Spamming is business and there are many people making lots of money from it. I'd say that overall, it's really not Google's fault, just like telemarketing calls aren't the phonebook's fault. Ultimately, human greed is at fault. People willing to trash the quality of the internet for easy money.

Written by Ileane
2538 days ago

I think what you have described is something that happens in many cases but it's not the case from my experience. All I'm saying is that Google should totally IGNORE comments from the algorithm. I'm suggesting that they should not just nofollow the links but ignore the actual content altogether. If they did that people would only comment on something they feel strongly about or in order to nurture genuine relationships with other bloggers.

This is why I like live streaming platforms where conversation, engagement and debate can exist in real-time and without any interference from "automated software".

Just to be clear, I'm not expecting Google to change, I'm thinking beyond that.

Written by lyceum
2541 days ago

Ileane: I thought that Google+ log in could solve the problem with troll commentators, but it didn't work out that way...

Written by Ileane
2541 days ago

People leave spammy links in Google+ comments too and most of the time I can't even delete them on my WordPress Blog. It's such a waste of time. Thanks for your feedback.

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