Why did anyone ever think that "auto following" people on Twitter was a good idea?

Today we may have finally seen the death of the auto-follow as Robert Scoble and Pete Cashmore of Mashable chime in with the realization that NOT auto-following improves the quality of your Twitter experience and marketing. Finally!


Written by McLaughlin
4425 days ago

the twitter follower rule is you can follow 10% more than follow you starting at about 1800 followers - which is why the magic 2000 following exists.

I don't think that autofollow is a good idea because of the spam accounts. I stroll through my new followers every other day or so and I follow back about 50%. I don't follow people if I don't speak the language they post in, I don't follow people that have MLM in their user name and I don't follow obvious spammers or sex sites.

I have a friend that unfollows anyone that DM's messages like "I just gave you "High Five"! Check it out: http://bit.ly/--- You should send me a gift back ;)"

Written by smallbiztrends
4435 days ago

Hmmm, it's easy to say you won't follow people if Twitter has you on an "autofollow" list as they do for Mashable, or if you are already a celebrity like Scoble -- and you attract followers as easily as bees to honey. I doubt that Mashable would have as many followers without Twitter's "autofollow" help.

I consider it a courtesy to follow people back, except when I see obvious spammers then I unfollow them or block them.

I just don't think the rest of us can identify with those two. They are not typical examples for the rest of us.

Written by lyceum
4436 days ago

Scott Fox,

I am trying to using my common sense and rational mind all the time, so for me it was a "no brainer" not to auto following people. What I have problem with nowadays is that I have reach some kind of follow limit rule around ~2000 people, so I can't follow more individuals at the moment. I have to unfollow people in order follow new Twitter users.

I am thinking of using FriendFeed more and more in the future. The folks at Twitter have to do something about the spammers, robots sniffing around, and other creatures, in the near future, otherwise I think many high profile users will jump the ship...

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!