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If you’ve heard the buzz about Google+, and you’re wondering what Google's version of social networking is all about, here’s a breakdown on what Google+ is. Get the scoop on advantages, disadvantages, and how it's similar to Facebook.


Written by Gary_Sanders
4532 days ago

My initial impression was that the features of Google+ are solid, but it doesn't really break new ground. However, upon further inspection I am pretty impressed by the way + has inserted itself into the Social Media world. So many people use gmail. The "whateveryournameis +" has been aggressively positioned in the top left corner of all Google pages if you are signed in.

My guess is that Google+, like gmail, will find its niche in the social media community and it will likely be a sizable one, but it will have its own unique vibe. What that vibe will be and how varied it will be is too early to discuss. But its market may give us a clue.

It won't totally convert any Facebook users, but it may draw in some folks who never got on the Facebook wagon but use gmail extensively. I could see professors and other older professionals who do not use Facebook using this rather Facebook-like feature. Herein lies the beauty of circles: it gives those who do not want to appear like creepy adults confidence that they can share the appropriate content with the appropriate people.

I have heard many articles comparing + to facebook, but I have yet to read a comparison of + to twitter which really surprises me (though I have not read that many articles on it either). You can follow people that you do not know. There is a potential for a celebrity phenomenon a la twitter. However, because, like FB, + prompts you to specify who will see updates, there will be, I think, a mix of twitteresque updates and FBesque updates. Twitter and FB should both watch out because + is bridging the gap.

One final and important point is +'s friend suggesting system. Because + has access to all of the people who you have ever emailed, + has a leg up on other social networking sites who do not have an initial pool of potential aqcuaintances. I found myself addictively adding people to my circles on the right hand bar because they kept refreshing the list with people that I so regularly contact.

Written by businessavante
4534 days ago

Google giving out the names & addresses of complete strangers in one's locale is indeed frightening, Andrea.


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