Is Pinterest a Girl Thing?

Is Pinterest a Girl Thing? - Avatar Posted by resonancesocial under Social Media
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Sure, Pinterest is taking the social Web by storm ... but is the site too girly to hit it big with the guys?


Written by ringahding
3840 days ago

I don't think so! From a business stand point, you would be a fool not to utilize this outlet. From a SEO perspective this site has a PR 6(page rank), in other words this would be a site your website would want to connect with.

There are countless categories for almost every walk a life, so girly? Maybe, but since we're talking business, you better sign up for an invite.

Written by Squawk Media
3839 days ago

Agreed. One can't ignore the rank just because of the girl-appeal.

Written by ryanhanley
3840 days ago

I'm a dude and I use it... I don't get the whole the Girl Thing. What makes it girly?

Written by HeatherStone
3840 days ago

I wandered over to Pinterest a couple of days ago, thinking it never hurts to try out a new social media flavor. But as a woman, I even have to say it's really girly. Not that it isn't a helpful site, but I think females who like to socialize with females gravitate towards it. Pinterest's male counterpart, Gentlemint, will, I think, be a turnoff for the female population. I suggest the owners of these two social media outlets join forces. The gender bias is strange, no?

Written by amadon
3840 days ago

That's so funny that there is already a manly alternative to Pinterest. I don't know how many men have the patience to sit and share pics like women do though. My husband definitely does not, haha.

Written by amabaie
3841 days ago

Who you calling a girl?!?

Written by MrsZeus
3840 days ago


I'm just getting into the Pinterest, and I have to admit - of all my friends that use it on Facebook, 90% are females.

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