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Comparing requests for the reciprocal exchange of links with proactive link sharing to build strong social networks for businesses.


Written by CindyKing
4808 days ago

Thanks for the feedback Shawn.

On the positive side, when I do find people who "get it" with regards to linking, this creates some wonderful friendships. And I do think you need a healthy dose of "zen attitude", or something similar.

I just read a rant about "fake" comments or the quick and easy "like" click to try to gain visibility. This made me realize that I prefer flexible guidelines for what is acceptable and what is considered not "cool".

Written by McLaughlin
4806 days ago

Nice post.

OK, that's a fake comment. The problem with people seeing some comments as fake is at least a certain amonut of those short comments (on my blog) are from people I know.

* You make a good point

* I never realized I could do this

* Social Media is a waste of time

I've had comments like this, and they were serious comments.

Getting back to links. I've seen quite a few that are put in, and a week later made NOFOLLOW.

Written by ShawnHessinger
4812 days ago

Cindy, as a professional blogger who works extensively with SEO, I can tell you that your gut feeling is absolutely right here. Yes, I consider optimizing for keywords when linking in my blog posts to other blogs and sources. Yes, it would be nice if a fraction of those I link to take the time to visit my site, refer a friend or even better link to me. But in the end, the simple consideration I always use when linking to another site is whether the content is good for my site. I use the same set of criteria when deciding whether to accept a link exchange proposal. (Actually, MANY link exchange proposals demonstrate all too clearly that the person sending the request did not even bother to look at your site.) Also, when I blog for a client, I would be doing them a disservice to be anything less than honest when choosing anchor text for links to their sites. Link building strategies are fine, but other blogs should link to you because they want to and believe your content has relevance just as customers should buy your products or services because they believe they have value.

Written by McLaughlin
4806 days ago

{I'm not a professional blogger - Infrastructure Project Manager}

It used to amaze me when a client would tell me the magic and wonderfull idea that they had to build their IT infrastructure - 9 times out of 10 they had it wrong and maybe 5 times out of 100 totally stupid ideas.

When deciding on keywords with clients, what % do you let them blindly pick and what % take an effort on your part?

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