In this post I want to share with you some information and lessons learned from about three months of participating in some social network sites. The context of it is focused on traffic that means I’ll try to answer the question: ”Is your effort worth to participate in specific social network site for traffic purpose?”

Article will be divided into four short parts:

What works for me?

What doesn’t work for me?

What should work for me in the future?

Your recommendations about social network sites


Written by smallbiztrends
3364 days ago

Hi Erik, You are a prince of a man and everything is now sorted out. I now have a better understanding of how this all unfolded. We're not upset at all now, and feel everything has worked out happily for all involved.

Thank you for being a member -- we value you and hope you will continue.

- Anita

Written by erikemanuelli
3364 days ago

Hi Anita,

I am happy to see everything is now solved! :-)

It's great to see how some small things that can cause real user problems, are handled by BizSugar in a professional manner and resolved smoothly.

I am a satisfied BizSugar member and will continue to be!

Thank you again Anita.

All my best wishes.


Written by smallbiztrends
3364 days ago

This article is factually incorrect in its comments about BizSugar.

Here is the comment I left over at the NoPassiveIncome Site about this article:

Hi, I am the CEO of BizSugar. Thanks for your feedback. We take all criticism and comments very seriously.

I was very concerned about your feedback and wondering what we had done wrong.

However, after an investigation I'm now confused. You see, numerous articles from this URL are included on BizSugar. You can do a search for the domain name and see for yourself.

In fact, articles authored by you, Chris, are included on the site. For example, your article about Triberr is one of the ones included on BizSugar.

This article itself, in which you make incorrect claims about BizSugar, is on BizSugar with 24 votes. We certainly accepted it.

You wrote us an email claiming that your articles had been removed. We wrote you back saying we would be happy to investigate - tell us which articles. We never heard from you with specifics.

We welcome constructive criticism. We know we are not perfect, and we know there is lots we can improve. We try hard. But you have to give us a chance -- and you have to get the facts right.


Written by erikemanuelli
3364 days ago

Hi Anita,

thanks for commenting at NoPassiveIncome blog.

I have left a reply over there and post it also here:

Chris is the founder and previous owner of this site.

He managed the blog from the beginning of last year until November.

Since December 2012 I am the proud owner of No Passive Income.

It seems that during last year Chris tried to submit some articles to BizSugar and never get one approved (Chris did not wrote negative reviews about Bizsugar, he just stated that he never got one submission approved).

I am now promoting some of his old content, because I think it can bring high value to Bizsugar users.

I do however share your point of view about what Chris wrote

and decided to modify the article.

It seems there was a little issue from Chris while submitting some links to BizSugar.

From my part I have never got any trouble.

I am a happy user and member of your community and satisfied to have some old articles from NoPassiveIncome written by Chris approved and even made hot at BizSugar.

You can see a small positive review on the article (see link above), which naturally reflects the reality.

I definetely suggest Bizsugar ! :-)

Thank you, Anita.

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!