Sorry, Gary Vaynerchuk. This Time You're Wrong.

Sorry, Gary Vaynerchuk. This Time You're Wrong. - Avatar Posted by steveamiller under Social Media
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Gary Vaynerchuk is a really smart dude. He calls himself a "self-trained wine and social media expert," and he might be. But speaking at America's Small Business Summit this week, he gave some bad and biased advice...


Written by frankstrong
3948 days ago

I agree with Gary on starting with your own customers -- that's where I think social media has flipped traditional models on their heads. We used to ID a market, segment it, develop messages that resonate, refine, rinse, repeat. Today, our communities are actively telling us what they are interested in and what they want to here -- I think that's the starting point. Find your fans on the platform of their choice and grow the community from there.

Written by lyceum
3950 days ago

This debate could be interesting to follow! ;) In Swedish I call social media, "konversationsmarknadsföring" = conversational marketing.

Heather: The business model should be the engine and according to me as a certified networker, based on long-range referrals. The thing is that social media could help your business to become more personalized. You do business with individuals, not with companies, in the end.

Btw: I went to Steve Miller's site and wanted to check out his speech on how to become a successful consultant, but I ended up in cyberspace at I want to learn about " The Business Philosophy of the Indolent Armadillo"! :)

Written by HeatherStone
3950 days ago

Hi Steve,

I think the problem here is that Gary is talking about only one aspect of business: marketing. The phrase sounds suspiciously like something similar I've heard marketer Seth Godin say, that we're all in the fashion business. This may be true of marketers but not necessarily of every small business. The business model matters too. Attention sadly does not always equal revenue.

Written by nialldevitt
3951 days ago

Great post, social is a tool as are the other forms of advertising that you have mentioned. It's the businesses (or actually the people) that make them work or not. There is no one size fits all approach but I believe that virtually every business can get value with the right approach. Thanks for sharing here at Bizsugar.

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