The restrictions of permission marketing

The restrictions of permission marketing - Avatar Posted by marketingm8 under Social Media
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Made Hot by: Cathode Ray Dude on October 21, 2011 5:12 pm
Social media demands non intrusive marketing, permission marketing and in bound marketing are both ideal, but how do you know when you're not providing enough service. Marketing is all about getting new business and not missing obvious opportunities, what's acceptable and when?


Written by lyceum
3751 days ago

Peter, Insightful post. I have Google +1:ed it. I think you should think about the buyer too! ;) I am an experienced purchaser and I have been approached by plenty of "pushy" salespeople during my time as purchaser.

I think a combination of permission & referral marketing is the best. And social media could facilitate this combo in a good way.

Written by marketingm8
3721 days ago

Hello and humble apologies for missing this for so long!

I agree that "pushy" sales people are an issue, however, marketing's purpose is to create customers and it's not easy to define the too hard are not hard enough approach with permission marketing, that's my issue really.

You're damned if you do and damned if you don't AND, where does marketing stop and sales begin with social media?

I believe that we're redefining a lot of traditional disciplines right now, I like it but there's a lot of gray areas to contend with.

Thanks for your time, best regards Peter, aka MarketingM8

Written by ivanwalsh
3751 days ago

Goog points, Peter. It's all about cultivating a relationship, not forcing one.


Written by marketingm8
3751 days ago

Hi Ivan, thanks for the comment!

I do believe in permission marketing and I also think that non intrusive marketing is great for the consumer and it works brilliantly with social media but it does raise issues for the company's using it.

When is the right time to 'help' a potential customer to become a customer, what is intrusive and what is service, that's a BIG grey area to me.

Plus, who should do this work? Marketing? Sales? PR?

I know some great salesmen with no clue about social media, they're great on the phone or face to face but wouldn't know Klout from Triberr or Facebook from StumbleUpon!

We need a new breed, social media marketing experts with sales experience, otherwise we spend hours cultivating a 'lead' only to watch him/her go somewhere else because we're either to slow or too quick!

Interesting times ahead, social media's wonderful but it does present some major challenges.

Business is business, marketing is all about creating customers, like I said on the blog, if you want a friend, buy a dog!

All the very best, Peter aka MarketingM8

Written by joshuazamora
3751 days ago

Great to see you here Peter 8)

Written by marketingm8
3751 days ago

Hi Joshua,l I love it here mate, it's a great place with great people and it's fun!!

All the best, Peter aka MarketingM8

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