Twitter Detox – Highly Recommeded

Twitter Detox – Highly Recommeded - Avatar Posted by JackieP under Social Media
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Made Hot by: steeldawn on May 10, 2011 3:55 pm
Twitter automation is it worth your while, or can it turn out to be a huge pain the arse. I suppose it depends if your looking at it as a numbers game...


Written by m4bmarketing
4166 days ago

It always makes me laugh that sensible adults follow and do what others say they should. Bit like a regression to the teenage years.

I don't automatically follow those you follow me and one thing I have found is is if you leave following others back for a few days it sorts out those that are not genuine.

Liked the article Jackie and do you feel cleansed after this like most detoxing?


Written by JackieP
4166 days ago

I think that's why I prefaced the post with the I'm a Doofis Statment. As for feeling cleansed. Strangely yes Susan, strangely yes ;)

Written by businessavante
4166 days ago

Very good points, Jackie!

I did the same a few weeks ago after someone I had earlier followed morphed into a marijuana site while I wasn't watching. When I whittled my list down from 200 to 50, I did it one-by-one, after checking every home page - also to see who they followed. If they followed weirdos - which some reputable people did unwittingly, I assume (by auto-following), I blocked them. But like you said - no harm, no foul, no offense intended. I learned to recognize the beginnings of some future morphers on some reputable people's auto-followed pages - following just a name & a face w/no other info. Next week or next month - a porn or drug site will take their place. Even saw Charlie Sheen on one, and Snooki on another.


Written by JackieP
4166 days ago

Thanks Duncan, it was a time consuming lesson to learn, but I must say my stream now is far more interesting.

As for the twitmorphs out better beware Duncan has your number. ;)

Written by yoni67
4166 days ago

"Cast your mind back to the early days on twitter, when you first started and you didn’t have a clue."

Okay, early days on Twitter:

3:45 PM: "My wife just put a meatloaf in the oven"

4:14 PM: "Boy, it's sure smelling good!"

5:05 PM: "Emmm! Add barbecue sauce to the top of a meatloaf for extra-yum flavor!"

I think everybody went through that initial stage of thinking broadcasting on Twitter was like having your personal reality show.

"My criteria: If I don’t know you personally, haven’t communicated in some way, If your not someone I would have sought out to follow, then you’re gone from the stream. No harm, no foul, no offense intended."

Good criteria!

I would like to take a day and whittle my list down. get rid of all of the porn-purveyors, prostitutes, gambling sites, spammers and online steroid salesmen. But then my list of followers would only be like ten people and I would look like a complete jackass.

I hate twitter!


Written by JackieP
4166 days ago

Glad you enjoyed it, and it is interesting to see how the landscape has changed in such a short space of time.

Written by saraib820
4166 days ago


I think the meatloaf in the oven and things like that are okay. But I think initially, people thought it was the only thing Twitter was for. Then the lightbulb went off and people discovered the business aspect. VERY enjoyable article!

Written by JackieP
4166 days ago

Have to admit I'm still guilty of some of that kinda stuff now. Its like...OMG I know I should be tweeting about something (shouldn't I) I think I need to live by that old adage..If you haven't got anything good to say then say nothing at all.

As for that list of 10, I'm sure they would be worth their weight in gold.

You don't really hate you ;P

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