Social media is the new black in marketing. But how can we really make our social media activities make a difference and have an impact on our business? Read about how you can increase the effectiveness of your social media actions and build a better following.


Written by globalcopywrite
4062 days ago

Hi Craig,

Thank you for your thoughtful assessment on the use of social media tools. It's an area I've delved into a bit, too, and couldn't agree more. I had the same experience of people dropping me when I did a mass unfollowing. Frankly, I felt a weight lift. (By the way, I find the tool really helpful in assessing your Twitter network. I have no affiliation with them. I'm just a happy user.)

I've recently written about the dilemma of total strangers wanting to connect with me on LinkedIn. The comments have been incredibly telling. In the article I promote the LinkedIn policy of only connecting with people you know and trust. While many people have agreed with me, I've also had a fair bit of vitriol, name calling and consistent feedback I don't understand how to network. As you will appreciate, those comments have only strengthened my position.

Great post, good job!

Written by skilledtradies
4064 days ago

i agree i have 25000 members in one of my email lists and poor management on my behalf has led to very poor financial conversions.. So i start again from the start

Written by WayneLiew
4066 days ago

A while back, I started mass unfollowing too based on the same reason and I also found that once the exercise is completed, Twitter became a much relevant platform for myself. Apart from this, I also utilize Twitter Lists to categorize new followers so I can continue to discover new people to follow despite the continuous strive to engage with existing connections. Good post, Craig.

Written by craigsutton
4070 days ago

Appreciate the comment! Relevancy in all things marketing is key in my opinion.

Written by writerlyderv
4071 days ago

A good point, as a lot of people are reaching that stage of 'what next.' It's just like life. It's the quality of your contact that count, not just the quantity!

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Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!
Share your small business tips with the community!