The discussion about social media versus your business Website and what part each plays in your online branding and marketing efforts seems a never ending one. But online marketing consultant Matt McGee maintains that in this eternal debate, online business owners should always remember that their Websites are always the most important. Why, you ask in an era in which social media is getting all the buzz and no one seems to really talk much about Websites any more? So glad you asked. Matt supplies some reasons for his point of view. What do you think?


Written by lyceum
2786 days ago

You should create your own hub of some sort. A web site including with a blog is a great example of this. As the author of the blog post is rightly pointing out: "You own your own website. You don't own Facebook."

Written by ivanpw
2787 days ago


I agree - some people are becoming too obsessed to social media, to a point that they feel that they don't need a business website (or at least a well-kept one.)

I visited a shopping mall website, and all I can see is a website that is not well-maintained - the design is so-so, and it's not comprehensive enough (tenant listing is nowhere to be found!). But their FB pages has 20K likes!

As a customer looking for information, visiting the site doesn't help me - at all. So I left, with a feeling that the shopping mall is not that great afterall...

So, a business website and social media profile should go hand in hand, IMO...

Written by bigmoneyweb
2787 days ago

Great article. I agree. I’ll hear an artist say, “I don’t need a website. I’ve got a Facebook page, or Twitter, or Tumblr account.” If you want to be taken seriously online, this is the wrong kind of thinking. And can hurt you down the line. Owning a domain name and a website that you call home is the most important part of establishing a web presence. Can you think a successful business that doesn’t have a website? There are probably some examples out there, but these businesses are probably not all that concerned with building an online reputation, while YOU, most likely, are. Thanks for sharing.

Written by SMARTSMMBiz
2787 days ago

At the end of the day, I call the shots on my own sites and am not censored or restricted on them. I can edit it how I see fit regardless of whether it fits the timeline. Totally agree

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