20 Nutty Business Startups That Made Millions

20 Nutty Business Startups That Made Millions - http://finance.yahoo.com Avatar Posted by Small Business News under Startups
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These 20 "nutty" business startups made millions even though they're not the kind of business you think of every day. No Apple, Google or other necessarily high-tech startups here. Our favorites include: a service that saves subscribers time shopping for black socks by shipping out pairs for a fee, a brand of "full-figure" sunglasses for people with...uh...big heads, a company that makes "DNA art" and a company that makes labels for your kids' stuff.


Written by angshaf
4371 days ago

Very interesting...that just shows you, whatever you put your mind to you can do. So many people think they can never own their own business because it "cost too much". Shows you don't need a lot to start a business. Thanks for sharing.

Written by andrea.chensten
4379 days ago

An inspiring list. Thanks for sharing! I think, these entrepreneurs have faced their biggest fears and still, got the guts to do it and they're lucky that they did.

Written by profit613
4395 days ago

The thing I find most fascinating about this article is that almost half of these companies had a start-up of less than $5,000. It proves how much can be achieved with almost nothing more than willpower and a dream.

Rochelle Rochelle

Written by Small Business News
4394 days ago

Yeah Rochelle,

That's something I probably should have worked into the title or summary because it's one of the first things that jumped out at me too. These were not expensive businesses to start. Not something you'd have to visit a venture capitalist or angel investor to launch. But the thing is, each one filled a need and that's what makes them so powerful.

Written by ShawnHessinger
4396 days ago

I personally love the "Geese Police." Also, there's a link at the bottom of this article which I didn't realize until looking through it a second time which runs down all 20 of these businesses on the Forbes Website, AND some of them really didn't take that much money to start, so these really aren't capital intensive ventures.

Written by saraib820
4396 days ago

Excellent post that definitely lives up to the title's expectations!


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